the lincoln comparisons

Sideshow Don enjoys comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln, drawing parallels and fabulating preposterous similarities in temperament and intelligence and popularity. And, to my surprise, he’s sort of correct.  

Oh, Mr. Trump is nothing like the beloved, heralded President who brought the country safely through a deeply divisive Civil War. But he is like a Lincoln, just not that one.

Sideshow Don is a Mary, Mr. Lincoln’s troubled wife. She, too, was hysterical and unstable and often delusional. In addition, she craved attention and publicity, was prone to temper tantrums and extravagant spending, and had a huge sense of entitlement. Sound familiar? Well, there’s more. Mrs. Lincoln also carried grudges, couldn’t control her spending, saw conspiracies everywhere, and felt besieged by the press and society.

Mary Todd Lincoln and Sideshow Don are mirror images, two sides of the same coin, much of a muchness. They’re both totally batty.

Although, in fairness, Mrs. Lincoln had good reason to be a little loopy; her life was filled with tragedy. And in the 19th century, there were no such things as anti-depressants or lithium or even psychiatry. Judgment was harsh and unforgiving. A number of possibilities regarding the cause of Mary Todd Lincoln’s erratic behavior have, of course, been put forward since her death in 1882: bipolar disorder, pernicious anemia, a vitamin D deficiency, Lyme disease, diabetes, and / or chronic fatigue. We can’t know for certain.

So. What’s Trump’s excuse for his cruel, self-absorbed, psychotic behavior? Bone spurs?

Impeach the bastard.copyright © 2019 little ittys

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