tariffs and sanctions and walls, how lame

Good God, America is tiresome. We aren’t a country, we’re a blaring, nonstop infomercial for brutality. This awful government is staffed almost exclusively  by unqualified, unfit, self-serving zealots who care nothing about humanity.

Sideshow Don blusters and threatens and lies, his GOP handlers pretend he’s rational, the Democrats sputter and wave toothless subpoenas, and the electorate — that’s you and I — can’t be bothered to care. We yawn and look away from the horror show along the border, ignore the powder keg that is Iran, shrug off the glaring corruption and intolerance, the allegations and deceit and towering ignorance.

And, yippee, here comes the Fourth of July. Let’s all gather to celebrate what? The loss of American decency? Welcome to the smoking crater, y’all. This train wreck is our America now. We own it.

7 thoughts on “tariffs and sanctions and walls, how lame

    1. Mine, either. I’m all the dis- words: disgusted, discouraged, disenchanted, disturbed, disgruntled, it’s a long list. My sole ambition this year is to avoid every second of the sleazy, embarrassing spectacle in DC. The whole thing is nothing more than a campaign event, funded by taxpayers. Doesn’t get more brazenly corrupt than that.


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