come on, let’s all go rogue

I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood for a little civil disobedience. Why should government officials get to have all the fun? Look at ’em, they’re completely ignoring the Constitution they were sworn to uphold, so what’s stopping us? We didn’t take an oath of office.

We might not be able to issue pardons or dodge taxes; we can’t bankrupt the Treasury or drain government resources for our own personal pleasure; but, hey, we can still have fun and run rampant over existing laws. The Justice Department (and when I say Justice, I’m kidding) and the entire court system are all tied up subverting the Bill of Rights and covering for Sideshow Don. They’re busy creating big, yuge, earth-shattering havoc. The country can’t exactly drive itself over a cliff, you know.

Clearly, we’re on our own here, so this’ll be easy. Self-centered impunity and a complete disregard for humanity are all we need. Politicians have mastered those skills and they’re flipping idiots, so how hard can it be? Our first order of business is to ignore the Senators, the Congressional Representatives, and the Squatter in the White House as willfully as they ignore us. Their pronouncements and opinions and rulings don’t matter. We matter. Whoopsie, correction, I matter. You don’t. Just me.

Life will be better when I’m exempt from any and all consequences — legal, financial, moral, ethical, etc., etc., etc. Therefore, I refuse to be held to a different standard. I hereby claim my right ¹ to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And it makes me very, very, incredibly, gleefully happy to blow off the corrupt, immoral, cowardly gasbags driving the United States government into the ground.

Join me, won’t you?

copyright © 2019 little ittys

¹  Shh, keep this little nugget to yourself. It’s the one entitlement yet remaining to the 99%. Take advantage of it now, while we still have a planet.

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