carrying on, thank you

Having lost faith in America and Americans, God and religion, I’ve decided to go ahead and enjoy myself. There’s yet some living to do until the earth-shattering kaboom! ends life as we know it on earth. Or a gurgle, a fwoom, a clank, or a whimper, whatever the noise turns out to be.

Speaking of planets, did you know humans reside in the Milky Way? We do. It’s home sweet home and a typical spiral galaxy consisting of  billions upon billions of stars, one of which is the Sun. The name Milky Way actually describes its appearance as seen from earth — a hazy, luminous band of stars and gas clouds stretching across the sky. But earth is barely a blip in the vastness of space, a speck.

The spatial size of the universe cannot, in fact, be measured. It includes all of space and time, as well as planets, stars, and galaxies, matter and energy. The observable universe, by contrast, is estimated to contain two trillion — or two million million — galaxies. We’re on one planet in one galaxy afloat in an infinite, unknowable cosmos. All 7.7 billion of us.

Naturally, I won’t have the chance to meet everyone, so let me just say it’s been a pleasure sharing the planet with you. Well, most of you, anyway. I certainly could’ve done without Sideshow Don and his creepy staff of misfits.

It just boggles my mind to think one fat idiot, one inconsequential, unstable microorganism surrounded by dark matter, could blow our world to smithereens in a hissy fit. Rational people could stop him from the kamikaze mission he’s on by, say, impeaching him. Or invoking the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, thereby removing his unfit ass from office. Or changing the locks on the White House. But they don’t. 

You know why? Congressional leaders claim they need ‘further evidence.’ Like what, a confession? We have no Justice Department. We have no Supreme Court. We have no EPA or Department of Education or expectations for a decent future. And Congress insists on a guarantee? Fine, the United States government is failing everyone in the world. How’s that for a guarantee?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, a gorgeous Sunday afternoon awaits. Let’s all cross our fingers that a lovely Sunday evening will follow.

copyright © 2019 little ittys

3 thoughts on “carrying on, thank you

  1. Interesting. I’ve heard these conversations before. One friend shared with another something that helped her/him: No matter what each of us experiences or endures, what is is. I absolutely believe God created everything and there is purpose in all of our lives, that He loves us, whether we see it or not. I think, in this generation, we’ve learned or been taught to seek instant happiness, instant gratifications, and to want to “have it all figured out.” But if we read the books of men and women of long ago, we see patience and wonder. Some spent their entire lives, working hard, taking care of family, then writing from time to time. Sometimes, I think the wisest of people are the simplest, those who take care of family and see the simple things that many of us are dreaming of other things. One day.

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    1. I have an intentionally small, but perfectly contented life. Others should be afforded the same opportunities with the promise of a a solid, decent future. That’s all I’m trying to say. I really should learn how to be clearer.

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      1. I suppose my view is both shaped by my experiences, my family and relatives, and my readings about the Revolutionary War and the U.S. Constitution. John Locke had some strong insights, and over time, I see things from the point of view of individual opportunity and self-determination. Thanks.

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