in answer to the national cathedral

Yesterday, I came across the National Cathedral’s eloquent response to Sideshow Don and his soulless, dehumanizing tactics. In a joint letter, bishops and pastors of the country’s mainline religions asked Americans: “Have we no decency?”

Well, no. No, we don’t. Americans are content to sit quietly on their hands while death threats and insults abound in the sick, twisted atmosphere created by the Republican party and their sick, twisted president. We’re busy. We don’t have time to read the Mueller Report. We can’t be bothered with reality. Besides, it doesn’t affect me, personally, so meh.

In that case, please, let me wish you all the very best of luck when the economy implodes and healthcare disappears and your children can’t afford an education or their own home and bridges collapse and roads are impassable and none of us can afford so much as a hope for the future. That’s what you’re paving the way for and, gosh, won’t that be special? Personally, I’d prefer a nice ride through a wood chipper, but that’s me. Enjoy your trip down the drain, you hear?

copyright © 2019 little ittys

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