the incredible, mind-blowing, gobsmacking shortsightedness of the GOP

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m not a smart person. I’m also not an economist or a politician or a policy analyst. What I am is aware. We, and by ‘we’ I mean you and I, are being led down the garden path by a bunch of weak, self-serving cowards who do not have our best interests at heart. As they see it, their job is catering to the über wealthy, aka their donors.

Unfortunately, the interests of the 1% conflict with ours, the 99%. For instance, we’d like a trustworthy government that stands in defense of our country and its Constitution. Lobbyists and corporate titans, however,  prefer a dissolute government — one that offers fat contracts, no regulations, no tax obligations, generous handouts, and a seat at the table where decisions are made. 

And they’re willing to pay for it — wink wink nudge nudge.

Republicans are only too happy to step up, hold out their hands, and betray the country, their oath of office, their constituents, and basic decency. The average taxpayer, that’s us, has no standing in this power mad world. Our business, the everyday stuff of running a democracy — healthcare, education, the environment, consumer protections, infrastructure, the United States Postal Service, et al — has been ignored.

The GOP is fully devoted to the all-important task of dismantling the American government. They’ve repealed and revoked, stonewalled and undermined and facilitated in an all out effort to reward the crooked and the greedy with lofty power positions and golden opportunities. The playing field has been sharply tipped with single-minded alacrity.

And look where that’s brought us. 

We’re perched precariously on the brink of a depression in the middle of a pandemic while an indifferent imbecile carries out a passive genocide on American citizens. Mr. Trump has done his best to limit and restrict access to testing in order to keep the numbers low; he’s distributed critical, life-saving equipment according to political affiliation and loyalty; he ignores medical experts; he mismanages with malice, handcuffing any effective or even coherent response to the coronavirus. The Trump administration, in fact, poses a very real danger to society. And what have Republicans done? Why, they’ve looked the other way, of course. 

Millions are unemployed, millions more are homeless, hundreds of thousands are sick, tens of thousands have died, the healthcare system is in crisis, hunger is rampant, suicides are climbing, shortages abound — everything from face masks to toilet paper is impossible to find — and yet the federal government sits idle. 

Sending everyone back to work is not a solution, it’s a catastrophe waiting to happen. And if the GOP thought about it, they’d realize killing taxpayers might not be a good idea. It’s counterproductive. Think about it: no taxpayers = no tax revenue = no government to rape.

Section 4 of the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, however, provides a perfect remedy to our current circumstances. Unfortunately, Republicans have neither the balls nor the integrity to invoke it. They’ll continue to stand by as America limps to a sad, inglorious, bitter end. 

Please. If we hope to survive as a democracy, there’s only one answer: vote those skeezy bastards out of existence.

copyright © 2020 little ittys



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