the new presidential portrait

Mr. Trump is, almost literally, a plague doctor and his official portrait should reflect his lofty status as such. You see, during plagues (such as The Black Death) cities hired these dudes to treat citizens afflicted with the various epidemic contagions of the time, rich and poor alike. However, like Sideshow Don, most had little or no medical experience, just a hearty willingness to fleece the sick and dying and suffering. 

They’d visit plague-stricken areas, count the number of bodies, offer fake cures and treatments to wealthy victims for a price, and be on their way. To protect themselves from the off-putting and smelly aromas emanating from the dying they wore masks with a long beak stuffed with aromatic herbs, round glass goggles, a waxed leather coat, boots, leggings, and carried a wooden stick to poke and / or fend off patients.

So, in closing, let me just remind you all: do not take hydroxychloroquine. Do not inject or ingest disinfectants. Do not, under any circumstances, listen to Mr. Trump; he is for entertainment purposes only. Wash your hands, instead, wear a mask, and stay away from people. Thank you.

copyright © 2020 little ittys

2 thoughts on “the new presidential portrait

    1. A friend of mine who’s been as depressed and fearful as we are gets these weird vibes before big changes happen. She thinks after Mattis and the Joint Chiefs and the four living presidents have come out against Trump, he might actually go down. Keep your fingers crossed.


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