a dog story

My favorite place in all the world is behind a dog. There’s simply nowhere I’d rather be, unless, maybe, my balcony. That’s pretty swell, too, but only from April through October. Well, come to think of it, both spots -- the balcony and the other end of a leash -- are pretty bleak in winter. … Continue reading a dog story


they give misfits a bad name

Oh my gosh, what a bunch of crybabies. The hostile life forms known as Trump supporters are feeling 'disrespected.' Well, hmm, quick question: what were they expecting for their abject contempt of truth and reality and plain, simple decency? Admiration? The poor dears are deluding themselves, as usual. We, the genuine, bona fide members of … Continue reading they give misfits a bad name

an unproven, unscientific, fake theory

This is just me, ruminating without facts or research to back me. I’ve kept a critical eye on things, though, so there’s at least some basis in reality. Which makes for a nice change of pace, considering the current state of, um, discourse. Which isn’t really discourse so much as accusations and conjecture and name … Continue reading an unproven, unscientific, fake theory

my trump impression needs work

But I’ve got the shirking down cold. The other day, I blew off my responsibilities and quit working in the middle of the afternoon. I traded my pants for boxer shorts, took the pillow off my bed, burrowed under a blanket on the couch, and camped in front of the television until bedtime. There were … Continue reading my trump impression needs work