really? it’s sunk to this?

No. I won't follow Mr. Trump. I have a perfectly adequate brain. It's capable of thoughtful, lucid decision-making without any interference from hysterical trolls on social media. So Twitter can save their breath. Besides, I don't take advice from shills. Especially advocates for the most dangerous fomenter to come down the pike in decades. As far as I'm … Continue reading really? it’s sunk to this?

the most overused image in business communications

By business communications, I mean advertising and marketing, those things. Their purpose is to draw your eye, capture your interest, and hold it long enough to sell you something, right? Well, good luck to them, they’ll need to buy an idea, first. Because the handshake is the graphic equivalent of white noise. It blends right … Continue reading the most overused image in business communications

get rich quick

Logos are the biggest racket in advertising history or were until someone hit on Brand Development. There’s a scam for you. Buzzwords and gibberish and doublespeak. If you want to build a great brand create a great product, provide great customer service, and support it with great advertising. Duh, right? If you’re interested in getting … Continue reading get rich quick