in answer to the national cathedral

Yesterday, I came across the National Cathedral’s eloquent response to Sideshow Don and his soulless, dehumanizing tactics. In a joint letter, bishops and pastors of the country’s mainline religions asked Americans: “Have we no decency?” Well, no. No, we don’t. Americans are content to sit quietly on their hands while death threats and insults abound … Continue reading in answer to the national cathedral

carrying on, thank you

Having lost faith in America and Americans, God and religion, I’ve decided to go ahead and enjoy myself. There’s yet some living to do until the earth-shattering kaboom! ends life as we know it on earth. Or a gurgle, a fwoom, a clank, or a whimper, whatever the noise turns out to be. Speaking of … Continue reading carrying on, thank you

come on, let’s all go rogue

I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood for a little civil disobedience. Why should government officials get to have all the fun? Look at 'em, they’re completely ignoring the Constitution they were sworn to uphold, so what’s stopping us? We didn’t take an oath of office. We might not be able to … Continue reading come on, let’s all go rogue

tariffs and sanctions and walls, how lame

Good God, America is tiresome. We aren't a country, we're a blaring, nonstop infomercial for brutality. This awful government is staffed almost exclusively  by unqualified, unfit, self-serving zealots who care nothing about humanity. Sideshow Don blusters and threatens and lies, his GOP handlers pretend he's rational, the Democrats sputter and wave toothless subpoenas, and the … Continue reading tariffs and sanctions and walls, how lame