paging chicken little

The polar vortex is coming! The polar vortex is coming! In July? Yes, according to some meteorologists, anyway. Are they kidding? Or crazy? Or just the usual alarmists? You know, I'm going with alarmists. I swear to God those people couldn’t tell a tornado from a funnel cake. Nevertheless, temperatures are expected to drop like … Continue reading paging chicken little

just toss a toaster in the tub

People are baffling; sometimes seeming more alien than Martians. We all have our idiosyncrasies, I know, but come on. Polar Bear Clubs? Hot dog eating contests? Bouffants? Skydiving? What the Hell are we thinking? Well, we’re not. We’d rather face a firing squad than our own thoughts. A recent study in Science revealed how twitchy … Continue reading just toss a toaster in the tub