butt out

When it comes to the hard drive, I have a strict, take-no-prisoners policy. Files don’t linger. They get deleted, booosh. I’m aware of their importance, I know they’re useful, but they gum up the works. I’m not completely batty, though; I keep back-ups. Although they, too, are subject to the occasional scrub and, whoops, there … Continue reading butt out

just toss a toaster in the tub

People are baffling; sometimes seeming more alien than Martians. We all have our idiosyncrasies, I know, but come on. Polar Bear Clubs? Hot dog eating contests? Bouffants? Skydiving? What the Hell are we thinking? Well, we’re not. We’d rather face a firing squad than our own thoughts. A recent study in Science revealed how twitchy … Continue reading just toss a toaster in the tub