a great, great post

No, the best post. An outstanding post. The smartest, classiest post ever posted anywhere by any poster. People always ask how I became such a star -- I'm a fantastic star! -- they want to know my secrit. Folks, it’s the superlatives. Their fantastic. I use them all the time. There the best words, so much … Continue reading a great, great post

finally, a reason to look up

Really? I’ve stooped to this? Yes. In a desperate bid for attention, I offered false hope to lure you into my little post here. But, hang on, before you jump to the wrong conclusion, I’m not lying; I’m misleading. There’s a difference. I’ve nothing to gain, I only wanted a clever way to announce I … Continue reading finally, a reason to look up

picture this

The best part of writing a post is the image search. Technically, of course, that's not writing, but it should be considered part of the process. Chasing down the perfect illustration or photograph or graphic element is often frustrating, occasionally fruitless, but always, always an adventure. The hunt takes you places you hadn’t expected, to ideas you hadn’t … Continue reading picture this

the dangers of applying yourself

It starts in pre-school, the prodding and pushing and browbeating. If you want to get anywhere in life, they say, you must apply yourself. Don’t you believe it. I found out the hard way. See, I'm on a mission to dig up a little freelance work, i.e., I’m applying myself. I’ve spent days on the … Continue reading the dangers of applying yourself