: another bum with his hand out :

Have the poor no shame, for crying out loud? Get a job, you moocher. Give up your smartphone, get rid of cable, stop running to the doctor for every little cardiac event. Whoops, my mistake. That’s not a slovenly deadbeat, that’s Roy Moore, noted pedophile and staunch defender of Christian values. He’s fallen on hard … Continue reading : another bum with his hand out :


lookie, it’s the sign of a new year

Who can blame us? 2017 was not a banner year. Between Sideshow Don (the yu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-ugest, most destructive man-made disaster ever in recorded history), the GOP, hurricanes, mass shootings, the loss of Mary Tyler Moore, and so much more, we’ve taken a long and relentless beating. On the plus side, there’s Robert Mueller and ... um, … Continue reading lookie, it’s the sign of a new year

: shopping for hope :

I hate the grocery store, it’s exhausting. Yet I suck it up and make the trek on a semi-regular basis, albeit grudgingly. Grocery shopping belongs in the same category as bus travel, a mind-numbing, time-consuming inconvenience. On this particular morning, however, the grocery store was atypically restorative. As I scanned my purchases at the check … Continue reading : shopping for hope :

um, that isn’t a tax cut

Let’s be clear. The Republican ‘tax cut’ isn’t a tax cut; it isn’t tax reform; it isn’t an overhaul or economic stimulus or job creation. It’s a redistribution of wealth. In starker language, it’s the rape of America, a craven power move to show who’s in charge. Simple as that. Forcible, nonconsensual, frenzied, and carried … Continue reading um, that isn’t a tax cut