um, that isn’t a tax cut

Let’s be clear. The Republican ‘tax cut’ isn’t a tax cut; it isn’t tax reform; it isn’t an overhaul or economic stimulus or job creation. It’s a redistribution of wealth. In starker language, it’s the rape of America, a craven power move to show who’s in charge. Simple as that. Forcible, nonconsensual, frenzied, and carried … Continue reading um, that isn’t a tax cut


it’s thanksgiving, dress accordingly

And I don’t mean the turkey; I mean you. Let’s all just be sensible and avoid ruining this lovely holiday with a careless choice of clothes. Think about the consequences of your selections. Buttons, you know, are not our friends; they’re latent projectiles. As are snaps, zippers, rhinestones, rivets, hook and eye fasteners, any clothing device … Continue reading it’s thanksgiving, dress accordingly

these are gloriously stoopid times

Welcome to the heyday of stoopid. Percipience is at historic lows, while boneheadedness is in full, fragrant bloom. Here, in America, we’re operating at a ‘check-for-a-heartbeat, there’s-no-brain-activity’ level of stoopid. It’s awesome. Rather than an organic deficiency, our ignorance has its roots in willfulness. We’re zealous in our absolute refusal to think. Or explore. Or … Continue reading these are gloriously stoopid times