prima don goes to court

Four thousand! times, plus or minus. That isn't a typo, 4,000 is the true and correct figure. Can you say knee-jerk? Can you say nutjob? The President of these not-so-United States was involved in, and I'm not kidding, thousands of lawsuits as a private citizen. His eagerness to sue carries on unabated as a politician. … Continue reading prima don goes to court


an unproven, unscientific, fake theory

This is just me, ruminating without facts or research to back me. I’ve kept a critical eye on things, though, so there’s at least some basis in reality. Which makes for a nice change of pace, considering the current state of, um, discourse. Which isn’t really discourse so much as accusations and conjecture and name … Continue reading an unproven, unscientific, fake theory

my trump impression needs work

But I’ve got the shirking down cold. The other day, I blew off my responsibilities and quit working in the middle of the afternoon. I traded my pants for boxer shorts, took the pillow off my bed, burrowed under a blanket on the couch, and camped in front of the television until bedtime. There were … Continue reading my trump impression needs work

: another bum with his hand out :

Have the poor no shame, for crying out loud? Get a job, you moocher. Give up your smartphone, get rid of cable, stop running to the doctor for every little cardiac event. Whoops, my mistake. That’s not a slovenly deadbeat, that’s Roy Moore, noted pedophile and staunch defender of Christian values. He’s fallen on hard … Continue reading : another bum with his hand out :

lookie, it’s the sign of a new year

Who can blame us? 2017 was not a banner year. Between Sideshow Don (the yu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-ugest, most destructive man-made disaster ever in recorded history), the GOP, hurricanes, mass shootings, the loss of Mary Tyler Moore, and so much more, we’ve taken a long and relentless beating. On the plus side, there’s Robert Mueller and ... um, … Continue reading lookie, it’s the sign of a new year