the privatizing of america

The United States government is being downsized right out of existence. The average citizen doesn’t stand a chance against corporate America and billionaire donors and rapacious lobbyists. Those guys wave a little money and elected officials salivate like Pavlov’s dogs. They sit up and beg, roll over, fetch, play dead, the usual tricks of an … Continue reading the privatizing of america

acrophobic on an 11th floor balcony

Acrophobia, for you sane, well-adjusted types, is a fear of heights. A deep, abiding, knee-knocking, mortal aversion to altitudes above sea level. So what could possess me to scamper out onto my balcony, 110 feet straight up (assuming a mean height of ten feet per floor)? Just one thing I can think of: a soft, … Continue reading acrophobic on an 11th floor balcony

speaking of heads

Inside my comically stunted skull a mammoth headache has been hunkered for two days. The size and intensity suggest some type of explosion occurred, a significant one similar to the Big Bang. Neurons and cells and tissue bits are yet flying apart in there, crashing and tumbling and acting as irresistible forces meeting the immovable … Continue reading speaking of heads