and now for a word from the unentitled

There’s something about being poor that is very akin to walking on thin ice. Every move seems a perilous venture. The trick is to step lively and light. Do not fall. I fell. ¹ And at the worst possible time in American history. The poor and the elderly, the disabled and mentally challenged, we’ve all … Continue reading and now for a word from the unentitled

dear world at large

Seek immediate shelter. Mr. Trump is scheduled for release on Friday and may be coming to a country near you. Please let him in, we need a breather. The lunatic gasbag will be traveling overseas on his first international trip as President. Disaster and international incidents will surely follow. With unfettered hubris, he’ll introduce his own … Continue reading dear world at large

close, but no skull fracture

Now that it's warm and, occasionally, sunny, I like to put my life on the line and go walking. Sometimes far, sometimes wide, but always dicey. It's only May, barely a month into springtime, and already there's been bloodshed. Copious amounts of blood, in fact. All mine. By the quart, or the pint, at least. Last … Continue reading close, but no skull fracture