gone, but not forgotten

Listen. Do you hear a whirring noise? I do. And it’s driving me right out of my pea-pickin’ mind. I can’t find the source and I can’t shut it off. I’ve tried turning up the television, I’ve tried headphones, earmuffs, humming, whistling, hiding out at the library, all the usual tricks. It thrums on unabated. … Continue reading gone, but not forgotten


what’s wrong with this picture?

For starters, everything. If that's Christianity, it's enough to lead me straight into agnosticism. Church leaders praying for a man who is without remorse or morals or ethics of any kind. A man who's an unrepentant misogynist, racist, xenophobic kleptocrat; as well as a deadbeat, a liar, and devoid of human understanding. The guy cheerfully … Continue reading what’s wrong with this picture?

the privatizing of america

The United States government is being downsized right out of existence. The average citizen doesn’t stand a chance against corporate America and billionaire donors and rapacious lobbyists. Those guys wave a little money and elected officials salivate like Pavlov’s dogs. They sit up and beg, roll over, fetch, play dead, the usual tricks of an … Continue reading the privatizing of america