chilling out, literally

It snowed overnight. The morning arrived overcast and bitterly cold; it was 25º with wind from the north blowing at 17 mph. The ‘Feels Like’ temperature was 12º, with the UV Index parked at a puny 1. There was no sunshine and very low daylight and absolutely no enthusiasm for the prevailing conditions. Being outdoors … Continue reading chilling out, literally

the chart topping president

Despite his lofty pronouncements, Sideshow Don isn’t really a genius. Nor is he stable, a negotiator, competent, or an expert anything. However, there’s one area where the man shines brighter than the sun and that’s in venality. That dude’ll take a bribe from anyone to do anything, no matter how low, no matter how debased. … Continue reading the chart topping president

we’re so done for

Get this, a new Gallup poll ranks Sideshow Don as the second most admired man in America. Good God, what has happened to our standards? We used to admire the admirable. You know, heroic, deserving types who actually accomplished things. Guys like John Glenn. Lou Gehrig. Jonas Salk. Robert Mueller. I’m drawing a blank on … Continue reading we’re so done for

oh, boy, look what we got for christmas

A fully unraveled lunatic in the White House. I want to know who put that on their Christmas list. Come on, who? It was probably that bloodless organism known as Stephen ‘Spray- on-Hair’ Miller, right? No, wait, I’ll bet it was Vlad the Installer. Yeah, he’s the one who installed that psychotic moron in the … Continue reading oh, boy, look what we got for christmas