acrophobic on an 11th floor balcony

Acrophobia, for you sane, well-adjusted types, is a fear of heights. A deep, abiding, knee-knocking, mortal aversion to altitudes above sea level. So what could possess me to scamper out onto my balcony, 110 feet straight up (assuming a mean height of ten feet per floor)? Just one thing I can think of: a soft, … Continue reading acrophobic on an 11th floor balcony


I’m really, really high

And will be for the rest of my natural life, because the thought of moving again is just too terrible to contemplate. Besides, the view is better up here. You see, my new apartment is on the eleventh floor, roughly 110 feet straight up  -- assuming the average floor is a conservative ten feet tall. … Continue reading I’m really, really high