look to the sea otter

Rapidly disappearing sea ice is a hoax. The sound of windmills causes cancer. Consumer protections, financial oversight, net neutrality, gun safety, and affordable healthcare are socialism. And the F.B.I.? How dare they investigate a Russian asset running for President of these once United States — that takes some nerve. Oh, and the New Zealand massacre … Continue reading look to the sea otter

my predictions for the mueller report

Its release will have no absolutely no impact: America, I’m afraid, is in very deep shit. The GOP will continue to sit on their hands and look the other way; Sideshow Don will continue raping the country of decency and dignity and hope; his followers will continue with the death threats and conspiracy theories and … Continue reading my predictions for the mueller report

trump. america.

Pick one. You can't have both. Sideshow Don is bent on dismantling this nation, transforming it into his own private fiefdom. Or, in other Trumpian terms, a shithole country, a place where basic human rights, fairness and decency and the Constitution have no practical purpose. Internationally, the Trump government is viewed with deep mistrust and … Continue reading trump. america.

making america grieve again

This, a precipitous slide toward civil war, is the greatness Trump has wrought. He hasn’t drained the swamp, he simply dragged America into it. Supported by a mob of gun-toting ne’er-do-wells and surrounded by toadying sycophants, Trump basks in stoopidity. He is the Grand Wizard of Mouth Breathers, a motley group of failures angered at … Continue reading making america grieve again

a salute to the peabrains

With the imminent incursion of Trump and his squalid band of toadies, let’s remind ourselves of what America used to be, back in the glory days. The days when people smiled instead of sneered. When politicians were quaintly smarmy rather than fervidly unscrupulous. When dignity and self-restraint went hand in hand with modesty. Remember those … Continue reading a salute to the peabrains