lookie, it’s the sign of a new year

Who can blame us? 2017 was not a banner year. Between Sideshow Don (the yu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-ugest, most destructive man-made disaster ever in recorded history), the GOP, hurricanes, mass shootings, the loss of Mary Tyler Moore, and so much more, we’ve taken a long and relentless beating. On the plus side, there’s Robert Mueller and ... um, … Continue reading lookie, it’s the sign of a new year

climate change in select locations

It was a painful seven degrees here on Sunday and my car doors were frozen shut. That's not climate change. That isn't El Niño, either. That’s effing winter. I thought we were supposed to be warmer. Isn’t that the theory behind global warming? Where's  the warming? In New York, apparently. They were in shirt sleeves, the … Continue reading climate change in select locations