… hey, wait, hold up …

I like books. I love books. I buy them and borrow them and drool over the ones I can’t afford. That’s when I wish I didn’t have a conscience, so I could steal the titles out of my price range. In my little world, books are up there with dogs and sunshine -- you simply … Continue reading … hey, wait, hold up …

the trespassing

Inauguration day passed in a fog, the honest-to-goodness weather kind. A thick shroud of gloom rolled in mid-week and stuck around, restricting visibility and cloaking the world in sinister intentions. Frankly, I don’t need assistance. I’m well able to conjure nightmarish scenarios all by myself. I can spot a lurid monster under the bed and … Continue reading the trespassing

it’s a dark, dark day

Even without the bloated, triple-chinned specter of Donald Trump casting a pall over the land, it would be grim. Not as grim, but grim nevertheless. Autumn, in case you haven’t heard, was pronounced dead this morning at 5:44 am Eastern Standard Time. It, too, was a victim of winter. Today is the winter solstice, a … Continue reading it’s a dark, dark day

please, don’t pretend to know me

Your shopping cart is the window to your soul -- according to retailers. Each company you visit believes they have access to your innermost thoughts because of their dumb metrics or consumer data tracking or whatever. They're certain they can anticipate your every want and need. Well, I’ve got news for them: not even I can … Continue reading please, don’t pretend to know me