hail to the deadbeat

You know Charles Dickens? He was wrong. Wronger than wrong. These, right here and right now, are the worst of times. And they’ve tried my soul beyond endurance. You see, Sideshow Don thinks (and when I say ‘thinks,’ I’m kidding) taxpayers should pay for the catastrophic damage his tariffs are set to cause American farmers … Continue reading hail to the deadbeat

welcome to the freezer section

The Chamber of Commerce prefers ‘America’s heartland,’ but why pretend? I have the body temperature of a fish stick. Winter is upon us and will not end until … well … gosh, when does it end? June? You see, in Illinois, winter is less a season than all-out war. Arctic wind sweeps across the prairie drilling … Continue reading welcome to the freezer section

climate change in select locations

It was a painful seven degrees here on Sunday and my car doors were frozen shut. That's not climate change. That isn't El Niño, either. That’s effing winter. I thought we were supposed to be warmer. Isn’t that the theory behind global warming? Where's  the warming? In New York, apparently. They were in shirt sleeves, the … Continue reading climate change in select locations