they give misfits a bad name

Oh my gosh, what a bunch of crybabies. The hostile life forms known as Trump supporters are feeling 'disrespected.' Well, hmm, quick question: what were they expecting for their abject contempt of truth and reality and plain, simple decency? Admiration? The poor dears are deluding themselves, as usual. We, the genuine, bona fide members of … Continue reading they give misfits a bad name

life as a survivalist

No, I don’t hoard ammunition or stockpile canned goods and bottled water. The government isn’t conspiring against me, either. Winter is, it’s trying to kill me. So, in a desperate attempt to protect myself, I amass clothing: woolens, down, fleece, flannel, GoreTex, anything insulated or thermal or heated. I’d say I look ridiculous, but I … Continue reading life as a survivalist