the lincoln comparisons

Sideshow Don enjoys comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln, drawing parallels and fabulating preposterous similarities in temperament and intelligence and popularity. And, to my surprise, he's sort of correct.   Oh, Mr. Trump is nothing like the beloved, heralded President who brought the country safely through a deeply divisive Civil War. But he is like a Lincoln, … Continue reading the lincoln comparisons


clinical depression isn’t all bad

Hold it. Am I saying there’s a good side to the crushing, soul-sucking despair and hopelessness? Yes. Yes, I am. Am I nuts? Possibly, but not about this. Depression really does have a perk; it’s a money-saver, boys and girls. A gas saver, too. Misery reduces laundry and conserves shampoo, cosmetics, mouthwash, soap, personal hygiene … Continue reading clinical depression isn’t all bad