they’re keeping it open

And, really, who cares? Do you? I don’t. Frankly, I’d rather see DC bulldozed and replaced with a wind farm. Or a Taco Bell. Or tumbleweeds. This government — with the very notable exception of career civil servants who continue to serve this country with honor and dignity — is a sewer. Noxious effluence is … Continue reading they’re keeping it open

dear world at large

Seek immediate shelter. Mr. Trump is scheduled for release on Friday and may be coming to a country near you. Please let him in, we need a breather. The lunatic gasbag will be traveling overseas on his first international trip as President. Disaster and international incidents will surely follow. With unfettered hubris, he’ll introduce his own … Continue reading dear world at large

boobus americanus

How did this happen? How did a vulgar, short-fingered megalomaniac with cotton candy hair become a presidential option? Oy. It was funny at first, because the possibility seemed so remote and because he was so horribly, preposterously unseemly. Now? Not so funny. He’s likely to be the Republican nominee for President of these United States … Continue reading boobus americanus