russia, recount, electoral college

Anyone with a grain of sense is searching for a loophole in the 2016 election, any viable excuse to derail a Trump presidency. With good reason, too; his election will be a yuuuge worldwide disaster. America, as ground zero, may need decades, or centuries, to repair the damage he’s set to cause. And I don’t … Continue reading russia, recount, electoral college

the ballot is cast

I voted early because I’m moving on the 3rd, but the guilt showed up right on time. With every selection -- for Coroner or President or Circuit Court Judge -- I quietly mumbled ‘forgive me’. I was talking to my grandfather, who was spinning in his grave. See, I didn’t vote Republican. I just couldn’t, I have a conscience. And now it’s at … Continue reading the ballot is cast

the chicken comes home to roost

The chicken here is Trump and home is the GOP. They nominated him, they supported him, they made excuses for him knowing full well he was dangerously unfit for the job of president. And now -- only now -- the handwringing begins. Republican party officials are in an all out panic over the chaos in … Continue reading the chicken comes home to roost

a cure for boobs

Throughout history, politics has been a blighted business. Politicians, and their fluid ‘values,’ serve as the root of the problem. The perks and power, the easy money and easier lifestyle, attract a sordid array of boobs and clowns, sleazebags and ne’er-do-wells. Statesmen? Statewomen? I think not. Politicians are  a society of bottom-feeders, a greedy, corrupt … Continue reading a cure for boobs