mr. trump: basement inspector

See Mr. Trump. See him run. He is scared.  Run, Mr. Trump, run.  Run from the noisy people.  Turn out the lights and hide. Launch the tear gas.  While you cower inside.  Poor Mr. Trump.  He quakes and he quivers, Afraid to face the world he’s destroying. Boo hoo hoo, he cries, I'm the bravest … Continue reading mr. trump: basement inspector

acrophobic on an 11th floor balcony

Acrophobia, for you sane, well-adjusted types, is a fear of heights. A deep, abiding, knee-knocking, mortal aversion to altitudes above sea level. So what could possess me to scamper out onto my balcony, 110 feet straight up (assuming a mean height of ten feet per floor)? Just one thing I can think of: a soft, … Continue reading acrophobic on an 11th floor balcony

I say tomato, they say terrorist attack

And scurry back into their hidey-holes. If there wasn’t so much at stake, this would be hilarious. It’s fun watching full-grown men run away from folks they were elected to serve. Of course, to hear them tell it, anyone who voices opposition to their knuckle-dragging agenda is part of a paid and orchestrated group. Bullshit. Rep. … Continue reading I say tomato, they say terrorist attack

the cost of cowardice

$21.6 billion (or $67.73 ± per person) for a harebrained, scaredy cat scheme to build a wall along the Mexican border. Money aside, does anyone really believe a wall is going to protect us? Let me rephrase that, does any reasonable person believe a wall will protect us? And from what threat? We have an effing lunatic in the White … Continue reading the cost of cowardice