acrophobic on an 11th floor balcony

Acrophobia, for you sane, well-adjusted types, is a fear of heights. A deep, abiding, knee-knocking, mortal aversion to altitudes above sea level. So what could possess me to scamper out onto my balcony, 110 feet straight up (assuming a mean height of ten feet per floor)? Just one thing I can think of: a soft, … Continue reading acrophobic on an 11th floor balcony


the monster in the closet

Get this, I’m the dope who put it there. I’m talking about my bicycle, a blue, two-wheeled, 21-speed death trap. I parked it in the storage closet last November and promptly forgot about it. It’s funny how fast biking falls off the radar after the leaves fall off the trees. I hadn’t expected to face … Continue reading the monster in the closet

I say tomato, they say terrorist attack

And scurry back into their hidey-holes. If there wasn’t so much at stake, this would be hilarious. It’s fun watching full-grown men run away from folks they were elected to serve. Of course, to hear them tell it, anyone who voices opposition to their knuckle-dragging agenda is part of a paid and orchestrated group. Bullshit. Rep. … Continue reading I say tomato, they say terrorist attack

the cost of cowardice

$21.6 billion (or $67.73 ± per person) for a harebrained, scaredy cat scheme to build a wall along the Mexican border. Money aside, does anyone really believe a wall is going to protect us? Let me rephrase that, does any reasonable person believe a wall will protect us? And from what threat? We have an effing lunatic in the White … Continue reading the cost of cowardice