hail to the deadbeat

You know Charles Dickens? He was wrong. Wronger than wrong. These, right here and right now, are the worst of times. And they’ve tried my soul beyond endurance. You see, Sideshow Don thinks (and when I say ‘thinks,’ I’m kidding) taxpayers should pay for the catastrophic damage his tariffs are set to cause American farmers … Continue reading hail to the deadbeat

drowning in stoopid

I’m low on checks. Dangerously low. There are one, two -- three left. I meant to reorder them, I really did. The thought skittered across my mind every time I whipped out the checkbook, but I have lots of thoughts, you know. Tons. I can’t keep track of them all. Sensible people would have been … Continue reading drowning in stoopid

clinical depression isn’t all bad

Hold it. Am I saying there’s a good side to the crushing, soul-sucking despair and hopelessness? Yes. Yes, I am. Am I nuts? Possibly, but not about this. Depression really does have a perk; it’s a money-saver, boys and girls. A gas saver, too. Misery reduces laundry and conserves shampoo, cosmetics, mouthwash, soap, personal hygiene … Continue reading clinical depression isn’t all bad