these are gloriously stoopid times

Welcome to the heyday of stoopid. Percipience is at historic lows, while boneheadedness is in full, fragrant bloom. Here, in America, we’re operating at a ‘check-for-a-heartbeat, there’s-no-brain-activity’ level of stoopid. It’s awesome. Rather than an organic deficiency, our ignorance has its roots in willfulness. We’re zealous in our absolute refusal to think. Or explore. Or … Continue reading these are gloriously stoopid times

um, fetch?

I lose things. Big things, small things, tangible and intangible, even things that exist on other planes. All the usual suspects go missing on a more or less regular basis -- keys, names, etc. Loss doesn't surprise me, I expect it. In the last couple of weeks alone I've lost my wallet, two unrelated socks, a flash … Continue reading um, fetch?

about trump’s so-called birth

Unwilling to accept the Trump administration’s lame explanations for the President's wildly deranged behavior, I launched my own investigation into his genealogy. Frankly, I expected to discover a family history of insanity or some type of genetic kink. He can’t properly be described as a man with that Rubenesque body. He's not a woman, either, although there’s an … Continue reading about trump’s so-called birth

I say tomato, they say terrorist attack

And scurry back into their hidey-holes. If there wasn’t so much at stake, this would be hilarious. It’s fun watching full-grown men run away from folks they were elected to serve. Of course, to hear them tell it, anyone who voices opposition to their knuckle-dragging agenda is part of a paid and orchestrated group. Bullshit. Rep. … Continue reading I say tomato, they say terrorist attack