these are gloriously stoopid times

Welcome to the heyday of stoopid. Percipience is at historic lows, while boneheadedness is in full, fragrant bloom. Here, in America, we’re operating at a ‘check-for-a-heartbeat, there’s-no-brain-activity’ level of stoopid. It’s awesome. Rather than an organic deficiency, our ignorance has its roots in willfulness. We’re zealous in our absolute refusal to think. Or explore. Or … Continue reading these are gloriously stoopid times

and what are you staring at?

You’ve never seen anyone dance before? Well, get used to it. The singing, too, because I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. When the mood strikes I go with it. It might appear I’m having a seizure or sound as though I’m in pain, but I’m not. What I’m doing is ignoring you and your stuffy … Continue reading and what are you staring at?

close, but no skull fracture

Now that it's warm and, occasionally, sunny, I like to put my life on the line and go walking. Sometimes far, sometimes wide, but always dicey. It's only May, barely a month into springtime, and already there's been bloodshed. Copious amounts of blood, in fact. All mine. By the quart, or the pint, at least. Last … Continue reading close, but no skull fracture