a bit out of sorts

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Please explain how that’s possible. It’s the exact same side of the bed I’ve woken up on forever. In fact, technically, it isn’t even a side -- it’s the flipping middle. Now, if I’d woken up in the trunk of a car, sure, … Continue reading a bit out of sorts

it’s like looking in a mirror

All that’s missing is a little lipstick and some flip-flops. Why am I standing around waiting for a meteor to land on my head? I need to snap out of this deadly dull rut and PDQ. It’s time to make a choice: evolve or die, as the saying goes. If those are my options, I’d … Continue reading it’s like looking in a mirror

the feeble apology outbreak

Politicians, judges, police departments, press secretaries, CEOs, they’re all very sorry. They didn’t mean what they said or did or condoned, what they implied or covered up. It was a terrible mistake, an innocent lapse. What's missing from the scripted recitals is the wink, wink, nudge, nudge gesture. You can only shoot so many unarmed citizens before … Continue reading the feeble apology outbreak