vroom, vroom, honk

This man is under the protection of the United States Secret Service. I certainly don’t question the need for his close supervision, but is the Secret Service really necessary? Bed restraints would be a cheaper alternative. A full guard detail is expensive, costing tens of millions of dollars, and it’s coming out of our pockets … Continue reading vroom, vroom, honk

death wishes

I have a head cold. Not the sniffles, not a little cough, a full-blown, Category 5, doozy of a cold. This viral juggernaut has pumped an estimated 60 gallons of goop into my poor, beleaguered noggin, a vessel with, at most, a 2-gallon capacity. To make matters worse, I sound like Darth Vader -- and … Continue reading death wishes

here comes the sun

And not a moment too soon. Today, after what seems like for-flipping-ever, we return to Daylight Saving Time in our final approach to spring. Try as they might, the government can’t stop the coming of springtime. Besides, they’re too busy to notice. When the GOP isn’t hiding in pre-dawn legislative sessions, they’re on the run … Continue reading here comes the sun

about trump’s so-called birth

Unwilling to accept the Trump administration’s lame explanations for the President's wildly deranged behavior, I launched my own investigation into his genealogy. Frankly, I expected to discover a family history of insanity or some type of genetic kink. He can’t properly be described as a man with that Rubenesque body. He's not a woman, either, although there’s an … Continue reading about trump’s so-called birth