in answer to the national cathedral

Yesterday, I came across the National Cathedral’s eloquent response to Sideshow Don and his soulless, dehumanizing tactics. In a joint letter, bishops and pastors of the country’s mainline religions asked Americans: “Have we no decency?” Well, no. No, we don’t. Americans are content to sit quietly on their hands while death threats and insults abound … Continue reading in answer to the national cathedral

carrying on, thank you

Having lost faith in America and Americans, God and religion, I’ve decided to go ahead and enjoy myself. There’s yet some living to do until the earth-shattering kaboom! ends life as we know it on earth. Or a gurgle, a fwoom, a clank, or a whimper, whatever the noise turns out to be. Speaking of … Continue reading carrying on, thank you

my predictions for the mueller report

Its release will have no absolutely no impact: America, I’m afraid, is in very deep shit. The GOP will continue to sit on their hands and look the other way; Sideshow Don will continue raping the country of decency and dignity and hope; his followers will continue with the death threats and conspiracy theories and … Continue reading my predictions for the mueller report

trump. america.

Pick one. You can't have both. Sideshow Don is bent on dismantling this nation, transforming it into his own private fiefdom. Or, in other Trumpian terms, a shithole country, a place where basic human rights, fairness and decency and the Constitution have no practical purpose. Internationally, the Trump government is viewed with deep mistrust and … Continue reading trump. america.