with apologies to elizabeth barrett browning

Plagiarism is bad. I do not advocate the theft of other writers’ work under any circumstances. It’s a weak, underhanded practice. But, you know what? Ripping off a dead woman isn't so terrible in these sneering, contemptuous times. Scruples are a long-disused anachronism now, as are ethics, dignity, any type of decency whatsoever. They were … Continue reading with apologies to elizabeth barrett browning

trump. america.

Pick one. You can't have both. Sideshow Don is bent on dismantling this nation, transforming it into his own private fiefdom. Or, in other Trumpian terms, a shithole country, a place where basic human rights, fairness and decency and the Constitution have no practical purpose. Internationally, the Trump government is viewed with deep mistrust and … Continue reading trump. america.

making america grieve again

This, a precipitous slide toward civil war, is the greatness Trump has wrought. He hasn’t drained the swamp, he simply dragged America into it. Supported by a mob of gun-toting ne’er-do-wells and surrounded by toadying sycophants, Trump basks in stoopidity. He is the Grand Wizard of Mouth Breathers, a motley group of failures angered at … Continue reading making america grieve again

| is america great yet? |

Well, not quite. After 100± days of President Horribilis -- the longest, bleakest 100 days in memory -- the demolition isn’t complete. Mr. Trump has made enormous strides, though, dismantling this beleaguered country. When he isn't turning the clock back to 600 a.d. or pissing off various world leaders, he’s repurposing government resources to promote … Continue reading | is america great yet? |

what the world needs now isn’t love

It’s a clean up button. I can't think of a better way to fix absolutely everything that ails us -- the environment, the government, corruption, greed, public restrooms, the whole enchilada. Imagine if we could just press a button and, fwip, reset the world, restore its natural order. That's what I want for Christmas, a clean up button. If not … Continue reading what the world needs now isn’t love