america, home of the bystander

Ever heard of the bystander effect? It’s a social psychological phenomenon wherein the presence of other people makes us less likely to help in an emergency situation. We turn into spectators rather than participants. We’re doing it right now, all 330 million of us. Every day, sometimes many times a day, we watch the United … Continue reading america, home of the bystander

the privatizing of america

The United States government is being downsized right out of existence. The average citizen doesn’t stand a chance against corporate America and billionaire donors and rapacious lobbyists. Those guys wave a little money and elected officials salivate like Pavlov’s dogs. They sit up and beg, roll over, fetch, play dead, the usual tricks of an … Continue reading the privatizing of america

and now for a word from the unentitled

There’s something about being poor that's very akin to walking on thin ice. Every move seems a perilous venture. The trick is to step lively and light. Do not fall. I fell. ¹ And at the worst possible time in American history. The poor and the elderly, the disabled and mentally challenged, we’ve all been … Continue reading and now for a word from the unentitled

get ready to kiss your ass goodbye

You see, your health isn’t worth denying a tax cut to the major, major zillionaires. They deserve money, dammit. You don’t. You’ll only spend it on smartphones and food. The zillionaires, they’ll put it to good use buying more politicians, funding more lobbyists, donating to more campaigns. You won't. Besides, if you’re sick, it’s your … Continue reading get ready to kiss your ass goodbye