lookie, it’s the sign of a new year

Who can blame us? 2017 was not a banner year. Between Sideshow Don (the yu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-ugest, most destructive man-made disaster ever in recorded history), the GOP, hurricanes, mass shootings, the loss of Mary Tyler Moore, and so much more, we’ve taken a long and relentless beating. On the plus side, there’s Robert Mueller and ... um, … Continue reading lookie, it’s the sign of a new year

we are here

Finally. Welcome to Memorial Day, boys and girls, the most delightful damn day of the calendar year. The pools are open and churning with water! Summer is indeed upon us. I live for this day. It’s better than Halloween, April Fools, even Christmas. It’s a day to be warm, basking under a golden sun and weightlessly … Continue reading we are here

a sign of the holidays

Get this. An American retailer has made a conscious, independent decision to forego the money-grab called Black Friday. I know, holy crap, right? Wait, there’s more. REI, the outdoor equipment people, will be closed not only Black Friday, but all day on Thanksgiving, too. Um, want to pick your chin up off the floor? I’ll … Continue reading a sign of the holidays