a great, great post

No, the best post. An outstanding post. The smartest, classiest post ever posted anywhere by any poster. People always ask how I became such a star -- I'm a fantastic star! -- they want to know my secrit. Folks, it’s the superlatives. Their fantastic. I use them all the time. There the best words, so much … Continue reading a great, great post

this is murder

Um, why aren’t you screaming? You should be screaming. Look around; this is a gruesome crime scene, yet it’s not surrounded with police tape or crawling with cops. Go figure. Hello, unwitting bystander, I am a murderer of the English language and my little slaughterhouse here is a shallow graveyard. The body count, so far, … Continue reading this is murder

learning to speak American

It’s very different from the King’s English, you know, and probably can’t lay claim to any Latin or Greek origins, either. The American language is wonderfully its own, varying from region to region, state to state, and packed with dandy words and expressions, like rumpelkammer (MI), flug (KS), goozle (Gulf region), and pinkletink (Martha’s Vineyard). … Continue reading learning to speak American