the new presidential portrait

Mr. Trump is, almost literally, a plague doctor and his official portrait should reflect his lofty status as such. You see, during plagues (such as The Black Death) cities hired these dudes to treat citizens afflicted with the various epidemic contagions of the time, rich and poor alike. However, like Sideshow Don, most had little … Continue reading the new presidential portrait

speaking of heads

Inside my comically stunted skull a mammoth headache has been hunkered for two days. The size and intensity suggest some type of explosion occurred, a significant one similar to the Big Bang. Neurons and cells and tissue bits are yet flying apart in there, crashing and tumbling and acting as irresistible forces meeting the immovable … Continue reading speaking of heads

what was Hitler missing?

He was missing a testicle. Seriously, the dude was light in the scotum. According to medical notes from a check-up in 1923, der Führer suffered from a clear case of ‘right-side cryptorchidism’ -- also known as an undescended right testicle. Dr. Josef Steiner Brin, the examining physician, declared Hitler was otherwise ‘healthy and strong.’ Those … Continue reading what was Hitler missing?