the truth about retirement planning

Financial experts advise you to prepare for 18 years of retirement, at a minimum. They suggest you plan accordingly, financially- speaking. So I sat myself down, did some quick calculating, crunched the numbers and, voilá, I’m reasonably confident I’ll make it to lunch. The shocker is, I’m okay with that. A lavish lifestyle as a geezer … Continue reading the truth about retirement planning

drowning in stoopid

I’m low on checks. Dangerously low. There are one, two -- three left. I meant to reorder them, I really did. The thought skittered across my mind every time I whipped out the checkbook, but I have lots of thoughts, you know. Tons. I can’t keep track of them all. Sensible people would have been … Continue reading drowning in stoopid

clinical depression isn’t all bad

Hold it. Am I saying there’s a good side to the crushing, soul-sucking despair and hopelessness? Yes. Yes, I am. Am I nuts? Possibly, but not about this. Depression really does have a perk; it’s a money-saver, boys and girls. A gas saver, too. Misery reduces laundry and conserves shampoo, cosmetics, mouthwash, soap, personal hygiene … Continue reading clinical depression isn’t all bad

being poor is nothing to be afraid of

This may not be the nightmare I expected, but it's sure no picnic. Seriously, don't try this at home, you won't like the lifestyle. It's a hard slog. See, when you’re poor, life becomes a tedious do-it-yourself proposition. There are no more cleaning ladies or dry cleaners, no restaurants or plumbers or doctors or hair stylists; … Continue reading being poor is nothing to be afraid of