a salute to the peabrains

With the imminent incursion of Trump and his squalid band of toadies, let’s remind ourselves of what America used to be, back in the glory days. The days when people smiled instead of sneered. When politicians were quaintly smarmy rather than fervidly unscrupulous. When dignity and self-restraint went hand in hand with modesty. Remember those … Continue reading a salute to the peabrains


the ballot is cast

I voted early because I’m moving on the 3rd, but the guilt showed up right on time. With every selection -- for Coroner or President or Circuit Court Judge -- I quietly mumbled ‘forgive me’. I was talking to my grandfather, who was spinning in his grave. See, I didn’t vote Republican. I just couldn’t, I have a conscience. And now it’s at … Continue reading the ballot is cast

boobus americanus

How did this happen? How did a vulgar, short-fingered megalomaniac with cotton candy hair become a presidential option? Oy. It was funny at first, because the possibility seemed so remote and because he was so horribly, preposterously unseemly. Now? Not so funny. He’s likely to be the Republican nominee for President of these United States … Continue reading boobus americanus

why i fell for al franken

I've an unfortunate habit of coming to things late. All things, from fashion to technology, but particularly stuff requiring effort and thought. It isn’t laziness as much as cluelessness -- I’m just oblivious. The world goes on around me, boisterous and lively, but I’m busy patrolling the ozone. I only show up for meals. So … Continue reading why i fell for al franken