stop calling him president

He wasn’t elected; he was installed. Trump is unfit and irrational, a danger to American interests. He’s also dishonest, self-serving, and a 400-pound embarrassment. So call him a stand-in or a mole, a gatecrasher or a costly mistake, anything but president. President makes him sound sensible and legitimate. Just like 'poor' makes me sound like … Continue reading stop calling him president

prima don goes to court

Four thousand!  lawsuits, plus or minus. That isn't a typo, 4,000 is the true and correct figure. Can you say knee-jerk? Can you say nutjob? The President of these not-so-United States was involved in, and I'm not kidding, thousands of lawsuits as a private citizen. His eagerness to sue carries on unabated as a politician. … Continue reading prima don goes to court

the chicken comes home to roost

The chicken here is Trump and home is the GOP. They nominated him, they supported him, they made excuses for him knowing full well he was dangerously unfit for the job of president. And now -- only now -- the handwringing begins. Republican party officials are in an all out panic over the chaos in … Continue reading the chicken comes home to roost