america, home of the bystander

Ever heard of the bystander effect? It’s a social psychological phenomenon wherein the presence of other people makes us less likely to help in an emergency situation. We turn into spectators rather than participants. We’re doing it right now, all 330 million of us. Every day, sometimes many times a day, we watch the United … Continue reading america, home of the bystander

the chart topping president

Despite his lofty pronouncements, Sideshow Don isn’t really a genius. Nor is he stable, a negotiator, competent, or an expert anything. However, there’s one area where the man shines brighter than the sun and that’s in venality. That dude’ll take a bribe from anyone to do anything, no matter how low, no matter how debased. … Continue reading the chart topping president

finding bees in my bonnet

Introspection isn’t for everyone. Epiphanies and eye-opening insights are often unpleasant, particularly when they’re foisted on us unbidden. Mine happened in a bookstore when all I wanted was a book, an escape from winter’s grim reality. I’d thought about visiting a travel agency -- not to travel, but for dreamy brochures of tropical beaches and … Continue reading finding bees in my bonnet