i’m just itching for a fight

To my great and everlasting regret, I’ll never have a chance to face Sideshow Don and rip him a new one. I do fantasize about such an encounter, though. A bunch. I picture myself standing squarely in front of him, brimming with the typical animosity, and clarifying what a steaming pile of shit he truly … Continue reading i’m just itching for a fight

stop calling him president

He wasn’t elected; he was installed. Trump is unfit and irrational, a danger to American interests. He’s also dishonest, self-serving, and a 400-pound embarrassment. So call him a stand-in or a mole, a gatecrasher or a costly mistake, anything but president. President makes him sound sensible and legitimate. Just like 'poor' makes me sound like … Continue reading stop calling him president

why I love this country

Because of this, a robust, uncowed contempt for the malice, greed, and corruption running rampant in DC. To our great disappointment, America’s politicians have become a national disgrace -- Republican and Democrat. They’ve relinquished every ideal, every thread of integrity, to serve as Trump’s doormats. Remember the passengers on United’s Flight 93, the one hijacked … Continue reading why I love this country