mr. trump: basement inspector

See Mr. Trump. See him run. He is scared.  Run, Mr. Trump, run.  Run from the noisy people.  Turn out the lights and hide. Launch the tear gas.  While you cower inside.  Poor Mr. Trump.  He quakes and he quivers, Afraid to face the world he’s destroying. Boo hoo hoo, he cries, I'm the bravest … Continue reading mr. trump: basement inspector

come on, let’s all go rogue

I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood for a little civil disobedience. Why should government officials get to have all the fun? Look at 'em, they’re completely ignoring the Constitution they were sworn to uphold, so what’s stopping us? We didn’t take an oath of office. We might not be able to … Continue reading come on, let’s all go rogue