today’s fortune

You don't say. What was the tip-off? The thumb twiddling? Was it the eyes rolling back in my head, the pacing, the sighing, the yawning, the staring into the middle distance. The telltale signs aren’t just obvious, they’re glaring. I’m in the advanced stages here, in extremis, I could go any minute. I’m so flipping bored, I’m … Continue reading today’s fortune

keep calm, it’s not ebola

Suddenly, we're all on the fast track to the ebola virus. It's lurking on every doorknob, countertop, coin, vending machine, keyboard, and telephone. Snap out of it, boys and girls. We're at no greater risk now than we were last week or last month -- probably. So don't get your undies in a bunch. Listen to me. … Continue reading keep calm, it’s not ebola