look to the sea otter

Rapidly disappearing sea ice is a hoax. The sound of windmills causes cancer. Consumer protections, financial oversight, net neutrality, gun safety, and affordable healthcare are socialism. And the F.B.I.? How dare they investigate a Russian asset running for President of these once United States — that takes some nerve. Oh, and the New Zealand massacre … Continue reading look to the sea otter

you didn’t miss the funeral

Because there wasn't one; I'm still alive. Broken and banged up, sure, but still above ground. I could lie and tell you I fell down the old well and it took forever for rescuers to find me. Or I could really lie and say I’ve been negotiating a huge book deal. But I was a Girl … Continue reading you didn’t miss the funeral

life as a survivalist

No, I don’t hoard ammunition or stockpile canned goods and bottled water. The government isn’t conspiring against me, either. Winter is, it’s trying to kill me. So, in a desperate attempt to protect myself, I amass clothing: woolens, down, fleece, flannel, GoreTex, anything insulated or thermal or heated. I’d say I look ridiculous, but I … Continue reading life as a survivalist