the truth about retirement planning

Financial experts advise you to prepare for 18 years of retirement, at a minimum. They suggest you plan accordingly, financially- speaking. So I sat myself down, did some quick calculating, crunched the numbers and, voilá, I’m reasonably confident I’ll make it to lunch. The shocker is, I’m okay with that. A lavish lifestyle as a geezer … Continue reading the truth about retirement planning

proper Thanksgiving etiquette

As you prepare your holiday dinner, don’t overlook the details. A thoughtful and appropriate table setting helps your guests feel welcome and pampered. This one simple suggestion* will boost tenjoyment of your lovely, and lovingly prepared, meal. copyright © 2016 little ittys * Okay, yes, I confess, this is a remake. It originally aired in 2014 in … Continue reading proper Thanksgiving etiquette

a taste of things to come

This morning was 16º. No matter how hard we tried, no matter where we looked, we could only scrape together sixteen puny degrees. That’s nowhere near enough. Who’s hoarding them, where are they hiding? Come on, cough ‘em up. Seriously, there’s a severe shortage in case you haven’t noticed. But how could you not? An … Continue reading a taste of things to come

a sign of the holidays

Get this. An American retailer has made a conscious, independent decision to forego the money-grab called Black Friday. I know, holy crap, right? Wait, there’s more. REI, the outdoor equipment people, will be closed not only Black Friday, but all day on Thanksgiving, too. Um, want to pick your chin up off the floor? I’ll … Continue reading a sign of the holidays