chilling out, literally

It snowed overnight. The morning arrived overcast and bitterly cold; it was 25º with wind from the north blowing at 17 mph. The ‘Feels Like’ temperature was 12º, with the UV Index parked at a puny 1. There was no sunshine and very low daylight and absolutely no enthusiasm for the prevailing conditions. Being outdoors … Continue reading chilling out, literally

condolences at this difficult time

The holidays have departed, so it’s back to grim reality and forty-hour workweeks. How can we survive without those leisurely four-day weekends? Frankly, we shouldn’t be expected to. It’s impossible to sustain a cheerful, can-do attitude through a cold, dark winter without inducements. Parties and gifts and paid time off are nifty little incentives. We mourn … Continue reading condolences at this difficult time

it’s a dark, dark day

Even without the bloated, triple-chinned specter of Donald Trump casting a pall over the land, it would be grim. Not as grim, but grim nevertheless. Autumn, in case you haven’t heard, was pronounced dead this morning at 5:44 am Eastern Standard Time. It, too, was a victim of winter. Today is the winter solstice, a … Continue reading it’s a dark, dark day

welcome to the freezer section

The Chamber of Commerce prefers ‘America’s heartland,’ but why pretend? I have the body temperature of a fish stick. Winter is upon us and will not end until … well … gosh, when does it end? June? You see, in Illinois, winter is less a season than all-out war. Arctic wind sweeps across the prairie drilling … Continue reading welcome to the freezer section

crap, I knew this would happen

  I don't care how many times I go through this, I'm never prepared for the shock. The first snowfall is always a horrifying head-on collision with reality. Today's is no exception. Winter is here, dammit. But there's an upside this year. The new place has wi-fi. Do you know what that means? I don't have to set foot outside until … Continue reading crap, I knew this would happen