chilling out, literally

It snowed overnight. The morning arrived overcast and bitterly cold; it was 25º with wind from the north blowing at 17 mph. The ‘Feels Like’ temperature was 12º, with the UV Index parked at a puny 1. There was no sunshine and very low daylight and absolutely no enthusiasm for the prevailing conditions. Being outdoors … Continue reading chilling out, literally


encountering apricity

Apricity is an archaic term, long out of use, meaning warmth from the winter sun. It’s been around since the 1600s when Henry Cockeram added the word to his cleverly titled reference book The English Dictionary; or, An Interpreter of Hard English Words. The expression, however, never really caught on with the general public. It should … Continue reading encountering apricity

condolences at this difficult time

The holidays have departed, so it’s back to grim reality and forty-hour workweeks. How can we survive without those leisurely four-day weekends? Frankly, we shouldn’t be expected to. It’s impossible to sustain a cheerful, can-do attitude through a cold, dark winter without inducements. Parties and gifts and paid time off are nifty little incentives. We mourn … Continue reading condolences at this difficult time

it’s a dark, dark day

Even without the bloated, triple-chinned specter of Donald Trump casting a pall over the land, it would be grim. Not as grim, but grim nevertheless. Autumn, in case you haven’t heard, was pronounced dead this morning at 5:44 am Eastern Standard Time. It, too, was a victim of winter. Today is the winter solstice, a … Continue reading it’s a dark, dark day

welcome to the freezer section

The Chamber of Commerce prefers ‘America’s heartland,’ but why pretend? I have the body temperature of a fish stick. Winter is upon us and will not end until … well … gosh, when does it end? June? You see, in Illinois, winter is less a season than all-out war. Arctic wind sweeps across the prairie drilling … Continue reading welcome to the freezer section