wait, I’m who?

Okay, I’m not Catwoman, big deal. I tried, I failed, and I became Little Itty, instead. It’s a pretty decent gig, too — although the costume stinks.

As Little Itty, I’m not a prisoner of gravity or reality or anything else. I go wherever my imagination takes me, whether it exists or not. See, in my world, there aren’t any travel restrictions, no middle seat or airline meals or luggage. There’s just me and fanciful thinking.

Right now, for instance, I’m imagining a candlelit dinner with Tom Hanks. Seth Meyers is at the next table, winking and blowing kisses. Last week? I won another Pulitzer. I can do this whenever I want, because . . .

I’m Little Itty and it’s a trip. Ta-da!

copyright © 2017 little ittys

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