why am I here?


Whoa, that’s a pretty existential question for someone like me, but here’s the short answer: damned if I know.

I failed Philosophy, as well as Mythology and Anatomy and Music Appreciation. Now, if you want the name of Marvin the Martian’s dog (K9) or the Latin word for gasbag (ructabunde), I’m your girl. My head is a miniature warehouse of useless, insignificant trivia, but very little actual knowledge.

I leave the big questions to brainy people. The ones who, if they don’t know the answers, are willing to look for them. That’s not me. If there’s no easy answer, I don’t ask the question. Life‘s plenty hard already, why make it harder by trying to understand stuff?

If you’re of a similar mind, welcome. I’ll do my best to be entertaining and informative, just don’t expect anything to make sense or have a point. It won’t. And therein lies the beauty, ladies and gentlemen. You’ll never, ever be thrown off course, because there isn’t one.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride — bumps and all.

bumper carcopyright © 2014 little ittys

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